Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hibachi House

I have partaken in a generous share of sushi lunches and dinners.  I've even had it for breakfast- o.k. it was Frushi at Orange in Chicago, but it was delicious. Last Friday night the kiddos and I went for a dinner at the new Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood, The Hibachi House.   They have a vast menu which was difficult to choose from, because I was so hungry but the basically stuck to what they knew.  Isabella ordered her usual tuna sashimi and miso soup.  Logan had California rolls and miso. River went adventurous and ordered the tuna and avocado roll and miso.  seeing a pattern here?  Sure these kids love miso soup and know good miso.  This passed the test as River ordered a second bowl.  They also love the fact that I'll let them get away with slurping their soup as it is traditionally acceptable in Japanese culture as is seen as complimentary to the cook.  The same goes for noodles.  I had a spicy tuna and a corona roll -delish!  Our server, Allen, was nothing less than awesome.  Not to mention he is a friend from our church, but we are never biased when it comes to food and service.  Actually, I may have created a few little food snobs as they expect good service and food.  There have been an unfortunate recipient or two of their polite constructive criticism.  Kids, they say the darndest things. *smiling*  After our meal we left stuffed to the gills and very sated.  Once we arrived home I called my sister, "I have a place for you.  We're going there for your birthday next week!"

Tuesday arrived, one day before her birthday, but what can I say?  She's turning 24 and has much better things to do on her birthday than have dinner with her sister.  I was there once, and not that long ago I might add, so I get her.  We took the approximately 3 minute drive from our house-this really could become a problem, at least for my bank account-and arrived ready to commiserate in The Hibachi House's culinary goodness.  We got the house salad with the ginger, vinaigrette dressing.  They have a more creamy dressing that Savannah, my sister likes, but I prefer the lighter one.  Our server, Allen again, was great as were all of the other servers who work there.  There was always a smile, friendly aknowledgment or helpful suggestion as I eavesdropped on the other tables.  To say we over did it would be an understatement.  We ordered way too much food and received a happy accident of an extra Philly roll. 

Here was our order:  Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna-extra spicy, Thai Chili Roll, Playboy Roll, and Poisiden Roll.  and don't forget the 4 pieces of White Tuna Sashimi.  Needless to say, we couldn't finish it all.  We took 6 slices home to gratefull children and husband. 

Our absolute favorite was the Playboy roll, which comes served to the table in flames.  That's right flames.  The heat seares the rice and makes a crunchy outer crust surrounding the cool asparagus and tuna and shrimp center.  The Thai Chili roll was an interesting use of tilapia with a sweet hot kick.  After this meal we could have rolled ourselves out the door and home.  It was a wonderfully delicious and pleasant experience that we will be revisiting soon.  The Hibachi House is an excellent and welcomed addition to the Zionsville dining scene.  5 out of 5 forks.

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