Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saffron Cafe, A Moroccan Delight for Indy

I feel as if I have discovered gold in my backyard.  After reading a few raving reviews for Saffron Cafe, I decided to invite a few friends to a 'gals night out' and see if there was any truth to the accolades.  We made reservations (definitely recommended) for a Friday night and made the short drive into downtown Indianapolis.

Upon entry to the tucked away, corner restaurant we were greeted warmly by the chef's wife and promptly seated with the scents and sounds of Morocco wafting around us.  This was going to be a tasting meal so we all ordered separate dishes and asked for additional plates so we could share "family style".  First to be served was the avocado and orange salad.  What a wonderful combination of savory and sweet with a slight underlying heat. 

The salad whetted our appetites and we were soon eager for our entrees to arrive.  One by one our menagerie of Moroccan dishes appeared from the kitchen; each one just as delicious as the next.  The service was very helpful, describing each dish impeccably.  Many of the staff are family members and are happy to fill a water glass or whatever your need may be.    The meals were fabulous, meats were succulent, vegetables crisp and fresh and the sauces, ohhh the sauces were the show stoppers-they are that which make Moroccan cuisine so delectable.  We ate and ate, while Claire entertained us with stories of her recent family trip to Spain, where they took a day to spend in Morocco.  It was wonderful to spend time with my friends and our daughters to learn about and experience a cuisine that was relevantly new to us all.

Isabella enjoys mussells in saffron cream

Tara and Maris

I think Julia enjoyed that evening's special over all: Atlantic Salmon with peas and thyme lemon cream on a bed of couscous

Abigail chose the paella and it was perfection on a plate!

We couldn't resist digging into the lamb filet.

We all cleaned our plates and what we couldn't finish was lunch the next day.

Saffron Cafe is on my Must Visit list for Indianapolis.

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