Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This should be Duck Soup!

In high school I had this GREAT algebra/geometry teacher, Mr. Ratliff.  He was that teacher you loved to hate.  He was hard and stern, but he wanted you to learn and really cared.  Actually my mom had him when she was at Salem High School as well and she assured me he was the same then in his youthful years right out of university.  Anyway, he had this saying about things that should just be easy and work out right.  "This should be duck soup!"  Now, for whatever reason, I have incorporated this saying into my repertoire.

It also comes to mind when I have Chinese food-go figure.  But in this case it is duck soup.  In Zionsville, Indiana we don't have a vast array of ethnic restaurants, but there is a great little Chinese place name Rice Cooker and making the choice to eat here is "duck soup".  This place is great!  I cannot say enough good things about Rice Cooker.  The service is always spot on.  Everyone is friendly, helpful in making suggestions, attentive-need I go on.  The food is exactly how it should be-fast, hot and delicious.  I have, unfortunately, as I am sure many of you, eaten at one of the less than mediocre establishments in existence.  In the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I waited tables at the first little Chinese restaurant in Salem, Indiana owned by the Ling family and their wonderful food set the bar for Chinese for me.  Even though they fondly called me by, "Mory" and even spelled it as such on my check until I kindly said, "um, it's actually M-o-l-l-y, Molly." 

I have only found two restaurants of this caliber in the greater Indianapolis area that match up to the quality set by Mr. and Mrs. Ling so many years ago, and Rice Cooker is one of them.  The sauces aren't too thick, the meat is tender, vegetables are cooked through but still maintain a nice crunch, crunchy noodles are crisp and not stale and the soups are piping hot and delectable.  My little guys love the won ton soup but Chad and I prefer the hot and sour soup.  Our entree favorites are sesame chicken, General Tao's chicken, beef lo mein and kung pao beef.  We always go for steamed rice over fried, but it is great too!  Bottom line, if you are in the area and looking for quick take out or want to dine in the decision should be "duck soup".  It's Rice Cooker tonight!  They are located at 1211 West Oak St. in Zionsville, Indiana 317-733-1137.  4 forks out of 5.
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